Big Parakeets Energy

A brand new product with a formula designed for medium sized, and big parakeets (Conures, Rose-ringed parakeets, Rosellas,, etc.). Enriched by 5% of Nectar Manitoba and Oyster shells.

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Safflower, Striped sunflower seeds, Buckwheat, Egyptian sunflower seeds, Hulled oats, Wheat, Nectar Manitoba 2 mm, Millet, Canary seeds, Barley, Puffed peas, Crushed white corn, White oats, Pumpkin seeds, Hemp seeds, Dog rose, Carrots, Oyster shells, Grapes


Kg: 20 – Pcs: 1 – Package: Bag 20 kg – Cod: 26039

Kg: 3 – Pcs: 4 – Package: 3 kg bag x 4 pcs – Cod: 26039/2

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