Cardellino 3000

A high nutrinitional quality mix, enriched by “refreshing” Seeds, for the animal’s optimal well-being. Ideal during particularly, stressful periods (moving, travelling and exhibits) or for, recovering after health issues. A product highly enriched by Milk, thistle seeds a good source of Silibinin, one of the most effective, active ingredient for hepatic detoxification.

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Alfalfa, Chicory, Canary seeds, Nigerseed, Ryegrass seeds, White lettuce seeds, Brown perilla, Knaull Grass, Golden flaxseed, Hulled sunflower seeds, Hemp seeds, Sesame seeds, Red and black wild turnip, Red foxtail millet, White perilla, Carrots Spinach seeds, Milk thistle seeds, Poppy seeds, Pine seeds, Chia seeds, Camelina, Quinoa seeds


Kg: 15 – Pcs: 1 – Package: 15 kg bag – Cod: 6010

Kg: 1 – Pcs: 6 – Package: 1kg bag with 6pcs display – Cod: 6010/1

Kg: 2,5 – Pcs: 4 – Package: 2.5 kg bag x 4 pcs – Cod: 6010/2

Kg: 5 – Pcs: 1 – Package: 5 kg bucket – Cod: 6010/5

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