Dolce Forno Esotico

A paté with eggs for australian and african exotic species. This, mix uses eggs, vegetable protein extracts and insects to offer, a well-balanced supply of proteins with a high biological value, and rich in essential amino acids, fundamental in breeding and, moulting stages.

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Bread products, Eggs and egg-based products, Plant protein extracts, Grains, Sugars (Honey 1%), Minerals, Fats and oils, Seeds, Insects (2%), Flavourings


Kg: 5 – Pcs: 1 – Package: 5 kg bucket – Cod: 4275

Kg: 1 – Pcs: 6 – Package: 1kg bag with 6pcs display – Cod: 4276

Kg: 15 – Pcs: 1 – Package: 15 kg bag – Cod: 4275/S

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