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A coarse mix developed to satisfy the needs of the common, native medium sized species such as the Eurasian bullfinch, the, red crossbill, the greenfinch, the common linnet, etc.

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Milk thistle seeds, Black sunflower seeds, European silver fir (Conifers), Wild dog rose, Buckwheat, Hulled oats, Safflower seeds, Canary seeds, Hemp seeds, Red and black wild turnip, Nigerseed, Brown perilla, Hulled sunflower seeds, White perilla, Wild tistle , Sorbus, Sesame seeds, Golden flaxseed, Orchard grass seeds


Kg: 15 – Pcs: 1 – Package: 15 kg bag – Cod: 26018

Kg: 2,5 – Pcs: 4 – Package: 2.5 kg bag x 4 pcs – Cod: 26018/2

Kg: 0,8 – Pcs: 6 – Package: 800 g packet x 6 pcs – Cod: 26018/8

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