My Parrots Ara & C.

A complete feed for parrots with extruded vegetable feed and, dessicated fruit. Its formula includes a moderate Fat content, ideal, for the species that tend to store fat in their livers (steatosis),, such as Amazon and Cockatoos., What makes My Parrots Ara & C. special is the addition of, dessicated fruit (22.5%) which, together with the different, coloured and sized pieces, pairs the healthiness of the feed with, an antidepressant effect., Its formula also prevents the animal from choosing only the oily, bits.

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Grains, Plant protein extracts, Dried fruit, Plant by-products, Vegetables, Eggs and egg-based products, Minerals, Fish and sunflower oil, Sugars, Yeasts


Kg: 2 – Pcs: 4 – Package: 2 kg bag x 4 pcs – Cod: 26068/2

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