My Parrots Sensible

A complete feed for parrots with extruded vegetable feed and, dessicated and dried fruit. This mix with a high nutritional value, and excellent taste is ideal for both large parrots like the Ara, species and medium sized species such as common grey parrot., Its many shapes and colours hold an important antidepressant, function and make eating a fun and playful activity. My Parrots, Sensible is enriched by 15% of dessicated and dried fruit.

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Grains, Plant protein extracts, Dried fruit, Plant by-products, Vegetables, Eggs and egg-based products, Minerals, Fish and sunflower oil, Sugars, Yeasts


Kg: 2 – Pcs: 4 – Package: 2 kg bag x 4 pcs – Cod: 26053/2

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