My Rabbit Complete

Complete feed for dwarf rabbits (pets)., My Rabbit Complete is a rich mix of natural fibers, vegetables, and added vitamins. It is recommended for rabbits of all ages, and can be used alongside good quality hay., My Rabbit Complete, besides having lots of tasty carrot flakes,, also contains nutrient alfalfa pellets that are particularly resistant, to the rabbit’s teeth grinding action, thus helping them keep, their teeth filed and healthy.

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Dried forage, Plant by-products, Vegetables (carrots 10%), Grains, Plant protein extracts, Minerals


Kg: 2,5 – Pcs: 4 – Package: 2.5 kg bag x 4 pcs – Cod: 6068/2

Kg: 0,6 – Pcs: 6 – Package: 600 g bag x 6 pcs – Cod: 6068/6

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