Candido Bianco Morbido

Candido, soft as snow, to highlight its “white” ingredients: soya, protein concentrate, egg whites, daiy products (casein). Its, cross-cutting feature not only includes proteins (18,2%), but, also starches, fats (13,8%) and sugary substances., I t ’s part of the It alian tradition of white soft paté, with its precise, nutritional values and functions. (“yellowing” risk)., The particular texture of this patè is an optimal support for, colouring agents.

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Bread products, Plant protein extracts, Grains, Fats and oils, Sugars, Egg products (egg whites), Seeds, Minerals, Milk and dairy Flavourings


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Kg: 15 – Pcs: 1 – Package: 15 kg bag – Cod: 4320/S

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